About me

I am a :

* Sustainability Strategy and Disclosure Specialist

* Sustainability Report Writer

* HR Professional

* Ice Cream Addict

I am the founding manager of Beyond Business Ltd (www.b-yond.biz), a social and environmental business consulting firm, working globally with large corporations. I specialize in sustainability strategy and roadmap development and  sustainability disclosure in all its forms - sustainability reports, specialized reports/disclosures, ESG content for financial reports, all forms of ESG data submissions, ESG policies and more. 

I love writing CSR/sustainability reports or assisting with sustainability reporting concept and content development, including adoption of or alignment with leading voluntary and mandatory disclosure standards and frameworks. I offer a popular complementary service - detailed expert report reviews to provide important insights before or after publication (see Beyond Business website here). For enquiries about our reporting services, please write to me at info@b-yond.biz 

I am the author of three totally groundbreaking books :)

Understanding G4: The Concise Guide to Next Generation Sustainability Reporting (DoShorts, 2013) - the first published guide to navigating the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting guidelines launched in May 2013. This guide is for everyone who wants to know how to report using G4, and what to expect from a G4 report, without having to digest 300 pages of technical guidance from the GRI. 

Sustainability Reporting for SMEs: Competitive Advantage through Transparency, (DoShorts, 2013), a guide for SMEs who want to be transparent but are not quite sure how. This guide offers an easy and straightforward approach for sustainability reporting for SMEs.

CSR for HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices, (Greenleaf Publishing, 2010) a comprehensive guide for CSR and Human Resources Managers on the interface between CSR and HR, and what HR managers should be doing to ensure a CSR-enabled culture and practice in any company. 

I have also contributed chapters to other leading sustainability textbooks.

I write this blog: CSR Reporting: thoughts and insights about CSR and Sustainability reporting blog as consistently as I can, and try to make it a useful resource for reporters everywhere. All opinions and writings are my own. 

My other blog CSR-Books: a blog of CSR book reviews and author interviews is still live, though I have not posted there for some years. 

You can find me on:
Twitter : www.twitter.com/elainecohen  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/elainecohen
LinkedIn: http://il.linkedin.com/in/elainecohen

I am a proud holder of the GCB:D designation, meaning that I participated in the ESG Competent Boards Certification program and passed the final assessment (in 2021). I also took the separate ESG Competent Boards Climate Change course. I am a member of the ESG Competent Boards alumni program. 

I am also honored to be counted among the recipients of the Top Thought Leaders in Trust: 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

I have been a judge at the Asian Sustainability Reporting Awards since the first year in 2015. I also co-chaired the inaugural Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit in September 2017 in Singapore, and every year since then, recently on a virtual basis. I enjoy being a judge in several other sustainability awards programs.

I make a community contribution by donating to social causes (mainly children with autism and animal welfare), lecturing on a voluntary basis and supporting NGOs on a pro bono basis. 

I am married to Judah and we have two children, Eden (girl) and Amit (boy) and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Daisy and a cat called Willow. We live in Israel. I grew up in the UK (Manchester) and have a BA (Double Hons) in French and German from Bradford University. I started my career with Procter and Gamble in Europe in Supply Chain Management (1982-1990) and after some time in the private SME sector, joined Unilever in Israel as Human Resources Director (1997-2005).

I believe in social justice, the capability of women, the need for transparency in business, and in sustainability reporting as an essential tool in driving responsible business practices. I like to make CSR fun so you will find my blogs occasionally amusing and usually full of references to ice cream! 

Contact:  info@b-yond.biz

I am always happy to hear from readers of my blogs or other writings and welcome feedback on anything at all :)
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