Friday, January 16, 2009

Ten Tips for Sustainability Reporting

This is called an indirect impact.

My entry this week is posted not here but on one of my favourite blogs - The Sustainable Marketing Blog - by Peter Korchnak. Here it is! Enjoy Ten Tips for Sustainability Reporting.

Peter blogs about all aspects of sustainable marketing (one of my favourite posts is Word of Mouth Marketing - must read that book!) .

Sustainable marketing is a fascinating field and is of course a very relevant aspect of csr reporting, particularly for compnanies with consumer brands. This includes the way businesses choose to market, advertise and promote their products, which sectors of the population they target and how they reflect them in their marketing campaigns. Social marketing, or cause-related marketing are key elements of a sustainable marketing strategy. And of course the use of social media today has transformed the way companies consider reaching target audiences.

I was just taking a look at the Kellogg first global csr report, just released. They include a section on responsible marketing, and talk about an update to their marketing guidelines which have now prohibits marketing to kids under 12.

A final, and shocking view of irresponsible marketing is the way women are exploited for marketing purposes. Yes, feminist stuff again. but look at this . This represents the exact opposite of corporate social responsibility and sustainable marketing practices. Wonder if these ads appear in CSR reports ? So remember, next time you are tempted to indulge in a little cognac after reading a CSR report, DON'T go for Remy Martin.

Anyway, to round off, thanks to Peter for allowing me to guest-post on the Sustainable Marketing Blog.

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Unknown said...

I thought the Kellog report was good as well. One of the few to outline a report card analysis on present and future goals. And unlike many CSR reports, connected well with overall business strategies.

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