Friday, March 13, 2009

What does transparency have to do with Blushing Apples ?

Quiz Number 1
What is an Apple Cinnamon scented candle made of ?
  1. Apples and Cinnamon
  2. Parrafin Wax, Stabilizer, Dye, Fragrance
  3. All of the above
  4. None of the above

Answer : here

Yes, a superb new website from SC Johnson called What's inside discloses the ins and outs (well, mostly ins) of the contents of all of their homecare products, with plain language explanations for the uninitiated (I did a semester of Chemistry at Open University, once, so of course it's all perfectly clear to me).

Quiz number 2:

What is Benzisothiazolinone?

  1. An antibiotic for people suffering from fear of long words
  2. An exotic vacation resort in Southern Argentina
  3. A preservative that protects a product against microbial growth, to maintain product performance
  4. An addictive beverage that enhances immortality

Answer: here

Quiz number 3:

What on earth is this quiz all about?

  1. Elaine is bored
  2. You are bored
  3. Blogging is boring
  4. The fact that SC Johnson has created a super website where everyone can take an interest in the ingredients that go into the household products we use evey day in our homes, and make considered consumer choices about what to purchase and what not. This represents a major step forward in transparency and I hope that consumers will reward SC Jonson with their purchasing power, and demand that other manufacturers do the same.

Answer : hint: not 1,2 or 3

So thumbs up to SCJ. Remains only for them to include more details on this website of their policies for responsible sourcing of all these ingredients and associated packaging components.

And a final quiz:

The final quiz:

Was this post of interest ?

  1. Absolutely
  2. Absolutely
  3. Absolutely
  4. Absolutely


PS: top marks to SCJ for a bold approach. I guess when you can name a candle Creamy Custard and Blushing Apple Candle, anything's possible. At least if it doesnt light up the room you can serve it on a plate with Apple Pie and hope for a new gourmet experience.

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LOVED THE BLOG!!! Ok, nobody gets bored with blogs like this. Great info, and just well done. Thanks Elaine. About to Retweet!!

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