Friday, April 30, 2010

The Transparency Index 2010

It's Transparency time again. Last year, we produced the first ever Transparency Index of the leading Companies in Israel listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (the Tel Aviv 100). Now we have done it again with the ... drumroll ......

2010 Transparency Index of leading Israeli public Companies

The 2010 results show a FAIL for Israeli Companies with average transparency at 33% , despite a slight increase over 2009 (31%).

Corporate Responsibility and sustainability are not a valid proposition without transparency, we believe, and therefore we see great importance in tracking the transparency levels of Companies. Of course, this Index does not say anything aboutthe QUALITY of the Company's sustainability performance, though we believe that there is a definite correlation between transparency and performance improvement over time.

For all the details including which Companies are in the lead, and which lag far behind, for the detailed placement of all the 100 Companies in the list, and for analysis and interpretation of the results, download the full report.  

To see how the Jerusalem Post reported on this - take a look here.

Happy to hear what you think. What's the transparency of top Companies in YOUR Market or sector ?

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