Sunday, January 26, 2014

CSR Reporting Blog Books

For all past, present and future followers of the CSR Reporting Blog, please be aware that you can download the first five or so years of the CSR Reporting Blog in three separate ebooks containing all posts and comments.

2009-2010 : Click here for PDF

2012 -2013 (It says 2010 on the cover (!) because I forgot to edit it, but it really is 2012-2013) : Click here for PDF

The great thing about all these ebooks are that they are totally utterly absolutely incredibly completely onehundredpercently


Thanks to Bill Baue (@bbaue) who reminded me that I hadn't updated everyone about the blog books and to Tony Vives (@tonyvives) who made a recommendation in espagnol about a libro gratis en ingles to  all the RSE folks. 

PS: This is the shortest post ever on the CSR Reporting Blog. Now you can check whether this is true by combing through five years of ebooks. 

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CSR India said...

Thats great to share the CSR PDF's among all and thanks a lot for sharing

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