Thursday, June 3, 2010

GRI crossword

A light interlude for those suffering from post GRI conference blues. Here is the official post-GRI-conference crossword.
Clues Accross:
1. Something that all future reports should be, apparently.(10)
7. What CEO's say when they realise what integrated reporting involves. (2)
8. People who ignore sustainability reports.(5)
9. A GRI Indicator category that ends in **vironment (2)
10. Prefix for __ what!  - a popular reaction to the publication of a GRI A+ externally verified Sustainability report. (2)
12. 483 - the average number of these required when producing a Sustainability Report. (8)
15. Second half of the word beginning with hash. Popular with tweeters. (3)
16. The first two letters of the most sustainable word in the dictionary (2)
17. Sustainability reports have LOTS of this (10)

Clues Down:
1. The most popular word at the 2010 GRI conference (10)
2. The amount of reports a Company should NOT have (3)
4. A most valuable business tool when preceded by CSR or Sustainability (6)
5. What all the cool people were sending at the GRI conference (7)
6. Transparency is based on this (10)
11.Just ask Brazil (6)
13.Inside (5)
14. Shorthand for what you need to disclose in financial reports to be super cool (3)

No prizes for those who manage to complete the crossword in under 15 seconds. And for those who like to have things handed to them on a plate, here are the answers:

Accross: 1: Integrated. 7: Oy. 8. Press. 9. EN. 10. So. 12. Rewrites. 15. Tag. 16. Su. (sustainability, hahah) 17. Disclosure.
Down: 1. Integrated. 2. Two. 4. Report. 5. Tweets. 6. Disclosure. 11. Awards. 13. Intel. 14. ESG.

elaine cohen is co-founder and co-CEO of Beyond Business, a leading social and environmental consulting and reporting firm. Visit our website at

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