Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thumbs Down Deutsche Telekom

This follows on from my post about Deutsch Telekom's 2010 Corporate Reponsibility Report and allegations of anti-union practices. As I usually do, because I believe we have a responsibility to dialogue with companies and engage with them on their reporting, I wrote to the Deutsche Telekom to ask for some clarification. You never know, perhaps it's all a storm in a tea-cup.

My e-mail to the address indicated in the report bounced back. Dud e-mail address. It happens.

I then filled in the online form on the Deutcshe Telekom website. This resulted in a standard response advising me that they "appreciate my interest in Deutsche Telekom" and that I can find all "public informations" on their website.

Ok, I thought, maybe I need to fill in the online contact form speficially on the CR website repeating my request for specific information on a specific subject. I did. This was the response:

Frankly, I have nothing more to say.

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Thomas Rosenmayr said...

Great example how not to enter into a communication! Please "do" hesitate to contact Deutsche Telekom!

elaine said...

hi Thomas, yes, I certainly will hesitate to contact this company in the future ! elaine

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