Friday, December 30, 2011

Speeky Engleesh 2

Last year, I wrote a post about the English errors in translated Sustainability Reports. I know that the content counts, and errors in translation are not always easy to avoid.  I try not to judge a company's report on the quality of its English translation and I am appreciative of companies who make the effort to produce their report in English, enabling me to read it. Most reports which contain translation errors have a certain charm.  I can't help but chuckle.
Here is my pick of 2011:

The Xinguang Knitting Company Ltd from Guangdong, China
Sustainability Report 2010

  • Our sustainability report publishes once a year.
  • During the period of selecting indicators, Xinguang mainly thought about the relevance, materiality and availability of different concrete indicators.
  • When enterprise performs its role of corporate social responsibility, it focus on the responsibility to employees, environment and society,
  • Certainly, our performance of social responsibility has a wide range of contents. We make donation, obey the law and help low income groups. And we also try our best to make more contribution in different respects. All in all, figuring out our minds, we put the work into practice and create a system characterized by corporate social responsibility.
  • Nowadays, because of the shortage of cotton, the instability of petroleum byproducts and labor shortage, the cost of raw materials has been rising at the rate of 10% to 15% per year. Within 5 years, this trend will not change. And here comes a question---how to cope with these unbeneficial factors?
  • For the company, staff is the most important stakeholder.
  • In 2010, Xinguang added plenty of fitness facilities and entertainment equipment, such as Bing-bong ball and Billiard equipments, so that employees can increase the range of leisure activities
  • In order to eliminate discrimination and race conflicts, Xinguang has developed some employment policies.
  • From the charts above that picture the proportion of female and male, we can discover that there is not much difference between the number of female and male employees. Consequently there wasn't any case of discrimination reported in 2010.
  • The consumption of domestic water forms the lion's share of Xinguang's total consumption.
  • We promise to keep doing improvement and with this we crate a workplace which helps our staff to play to their respective strengths.

Bing-bong ball? Crate a workplace ? Chuckle away..... Seriously, though, I commend Xinguang, a privately-owned 400 people garment manufacturer in China for producing a report and taking CSR seriously. If ever I visit Guangdong, I will buy them all ice-cream!

And while we are on the subject, here is another one:

Ambuja Cements Ltd Corporate Sustainable Development Report 2010

  • We were facing a lot of problem in maintaining the day to day quality and in turn our whole operational efficiency was getting affected be it blasting efficiency, loading efficiency or hauling efficiency.
  • While these activities are carried out, the impact could be upbeat as well as downbeat.
  • At Ambuja, we recognize community as one of our prime stakeholders and we endeavor to reach out to it to accomplish our social responsibilities. The surrounding communities are our partners in our march to progress.
  • Those involved in successful micro enterprises are able to generate income that has given them a degree of power hitherto unheard of.
  • The cultivation of wadis or orchards has been beneficial to several economically backward families, especially tribals.
  • These efforts strive to improve the quality of education and make schools child-friendly.
  • The Company has adopted structured benefit schemes to ensure wellbeing of employees in case of both post-retiral life and similar eventualities.

In fairness, Ambuja Cements have produced a great report and demonstrate some very interesting and impressive sustainable practices. The company is a publicly traded company in India, employing over 5,700 people. A few chuckles here and there do not detract from the positive reporting of this company. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. Almost as much as ice-cream.

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