Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Small businesses: BT shows them that its good to talk

I came across this interesting article in the UK Independent , entitled "Sustainability cannot just be put aside during an economic downturn" . I fully agree that small businesses hold the keys to our future. First, large businesses are dependent on them. Second, they are the major employers in most markets. Third, their collective influence on financial markets is significant and fourth, i am one ! haha.

What is also encouraging is the slow realisation that large businesses must help small businesses in their supply chain to become more sustainable. The GRI led program of sustainability inthe supply chain was impressive and should be a model for other corporations to follow. Not only do MNE's (multinational enterprises) gain benefit from their supply chain becoming more transparent and more efficiently managed, entire markets gain benefits from improved sustainablility of a broader based of businesses and business practice. And the GRI gets more GRI reports.

Can't fail, right ? Even in a downturn. So come on, all you MNE's. Let's see more of you picking up the gauntlet.

According to the article in the Independent, British Telecom is chairing a round table to help small businesses understand how they can get sustainable. A core BT environmental benefit is the elimination of transportation emmissions and energy consumption by offering telephone and other virtual tools to enable distance communication. They didnt say if the round table is being run by video-conference. Guess not, huh ? We all have limits ...

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