Sunday, July 19, 2009

First class travel for CSR reports

CSR is reflected not only in the multimillion $$$ investments in climate change, employee work-life balance programs, cause marketing creativity, community empowerment and all the other wonderful things I take note of in the masses of CSR reports i read and review. CSR is also reflected in the little things that happen in the business. It's the measure of thought which goes into every action that employees take.

CSR evangelists might call this embeddedness .
CEO's might call it alignment.
Human Resources Managers might call it culture.
In this particular case, I call it common sense.

I am referring to first class travel conditions for a CSR report. Below are photos of the packaging used to transport one CSR summary report of 22 pages to my office from a European location.

Enough said?

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Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy said...

Hi Elaine,

I noticed that you did not name the report sender in your post...

Eliminating excess packaging seems like such a no-brainer to me, but when you speak with companies about specific instances, too often the response is "we weren't aware of that"(really?) or an excuse that there are some arcane shipping or branding requirements in place that prevent rational transport.

I think photos are a brilliant means to bring attention to the issue!

- Aleksandra

elaine said...

hi aleksandra, thank you for commenting. yep.. i agree with you that most often, people just arent aware .. which reflects the difference between an organization that has truly embedded a csr culture and ones where the main efforts are in the hands of a few.

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