Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and the Best of the Funniest

On this last day of the year and the decade, I wanted to wish all the Reporting Blog followers and all 2009 visitors a very very Happy New Year.

The Reporting Blog has increased in readership every month during 2009 and retweet levels, facebook comments and direct approaches to me by email are increasing. The Blog feeds into Chloregy and The Green Economy Post, Alltop and other sites from time to time. Reporting  has featured in Alex Harris's wonderful  Reputation Report and the CSIC Blog with Sherie Winston and we have guest posted on Peter Korchnak's Sustainable Marketing BlogFabian Pattberg picked the Reporting Blog  as a recommended website., and Chris Jarvis listed the Reporting Blog as one of the top 10 CSR blogs in his now famous list of 51 sites for CSR.  We have had feedback and conversations online and offline from all over the globe, and generally enjoyed being a part of the social media buzz in 2009. Thank you to everyone who is giving air-time and energy to promoting the CSR and Reporting message. Thank you for reading the Reporting Blog and for all your recommendations and interactions. Thanks for inspiring me to write.

My limited powers of analysis deduce from all of this that there is a healthy interest in csr and sustainability and reporting themes, and how they relate to the way we do business and contribute to a better world. I hope this will continue in 2010, and that the Reporting Blog will continue to be a useful resource for many, and an anlytical, sometimes critical, sometimes very critical look at CSR and reporting themes, but always a reporting advocate, adding an occasional touch of humour, or a dollop of virtual Chunky Monkey, to all those who land on its pages.

Wishing the CSR community, and all friends, followers, readers, professionals, unprofessionals and blogosphere addicts:


oh, and just in case you think this post is a little too short, here are some of the
BEST of the FUNNIEST of 2008/2009. 

Santa's CSR Report - i am not sure Santa found this funny.
From cradle to market - about the life-cycle of PIGS - before H1N1 became a trending topic
The Shiseido Way - some humour in the way Shiseido reports
Can cows save the planet - what can be done to stop effects of cows belching
Now babies can save the planet - no-burp, no waste cute planet saving kids
The Henkel sustainability song - and funny variations on a theme, always makes me laugh
Is sex a renewable resource - one of my all time faves
The world is in trouble- I need to go on a diet - it still is and i still do
Can you speak CSR report - the anti-jargon of reports, this was a popular post
Chunky #CSR Monkey - about sustainable ice cream YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
33 applications of a CSR report - for the sceptics (do they still exist?)
Why go paperless when you can have crap? - rather irreverent look at paper raw materials
What's your financial personality? - and who locked the fridge?
Cuppa anyone ? - sustainable tea cures warts

elaine cohen is the joint CEO of BeyondBusiness, a leading reporting and social-environmental consulting firm based in Israel. Visit our website at:  


Alex Harris said...

Great post as always Elaine and thanks for the mention. I learn more from you than most.

Have a wonderful 2010.


elaine said...

Thanks Alex! Happy New Year to you too ! elaine

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