Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sustainability Education starts at home

Practice what you preach! That's not a bad doctrine to live by, right? Which in my case, means, amongst other things, educating my kids about sustainability, and in particular, sustainability reporting. In recent weeks, my kids have been witness to me making video blogs for 3BLTV. Or should I say, making thousands of video blogs for the recycle bin for every single video blog that actually makes it to 3BL TV. (If I sold all my out-takes, I would be able to feast on Chunky Monkey every day till I reach the age of 324).  If you havent checked out 3BL TV yet, the most exciting video CSR news and commentary channel available on the web, starring accomplished experts such as Christine Arena, Fabian Pattberg, Chris Jarvis and David Connor, then you should so so soon. The CSR Minute starring Emily Polk is a great way to keep updated whilst you are eating your sustainable cornflakes, and the CSRUnscripted and CSRReport channels are exactly what you need to reactivate those tired brain-cells when you sense they are short on inspiration and new insight. If we dont make it to the Oscars next year, I may have to take up making movies about war and violence. To save me from that, please watch a great team of experts, and me, on 3BL TV.

Anyway, back to preaching. Sustainability Education begins at home. My nearly 12-year old daughter Eden is always keen to learn. See her first lesson in this short video. Very short. I think we will  postpone lesson number 2 till she's 19.

elaine cohen is the joint CEO of BeyondBusiness, a leading reporting and social-environmental consulting firm. Visit our website at:  


Cindy Esposito said...

I love it - "mini Elaine Cohen" The next Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson!

I think this is a good reminder that our children are always watching us and it's not always the lectures and lessons we focus on teaching them - it's the lessons they learn by just being present in our lives and by observing us.

elaine said...

thanks Cindy. Your comment reminded me of a very powerful vid i have used in traning sessions about the way we influence, you may have seen it ,it's not new but it makes me cringe every time

Unknown said...

Elaine, this is why I started concept for WorkEcology to work wisely to live well. I need to add another part to the banner.

To work wisely to live well for the next generation.

Great to meet your daughter. Does she like Chunky Monkey too?

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