Friday, July 23, 2010

Betting on a sustainable (MBA) future?

This is just a reminder to interested readers of the CSR Reporting Blog that I also run a blog which is specifically focussed on the role of the HR function in driving CSR. You can find it at This is in anticipation of my forthcoming book: CSR for HR - A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices (publication in October). Please do take a look at this blog and I would be delighted if you would subscribe by email :)

My most recent post on Green MBA's , which follows my editorial on entitled "Will Green MBA's save the planet?" relates primariliy to the recruiting practices of corporates who talk sustainability but blithely ignore the thousands of Green (sustainablility) MBA grads who enter the job market each year.

As I continue to read and scrutinize numerous CSR reports, I will be watching for those Companies which mention the encouragement of appropriate CSR and sustainability education in their recruiting programs. It seems to me that a Company who is betting on a sustainable future ought to be concerned enough to support the business schools that are aligning themselves with this objective.

elaine cohen is co-founder and co-CEO of Beyond Business, an inspired leading social and environmental consulting and reporting firm. Visit our website at

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