Friday, November 12, 2010

CSR in six words

I was alerted to something fun on the internet by Kate Shopper who is omnipresent on Facebook and always posts interesting things. This time, it was Six Word Stories. I found myself smiling and amazed by how much you can actually say in six words. Like this: Surgeon drops brain. Patient loses mind. or this one: "I'll do it tomorrow". Tomorrow: ditto. or this one: Boy smiles, magician cringes: motionless rabbit. Of course, my immediate thoughts turned  to CSR stories and how we could tell them in six words. Here are a few that I came up with:

BP: Oil spill. Big mess. Bye Tony.
Telecomms: Communicate more with stakeholders. Add ARPU.
Reporting: CSR Report. Drop on foot. Hop home.
Unilever:  Dove gives self-esteem. Axe axes it.
Guardian Sustainable Business website: New site doing well. Please "like"
Food security: We nourish the planet. And ourselves.
Professor Karnani: CSR doesn't work. Rely on  government.
Aron Cramer: Sustainable Excellence. Oxymoron? I say not.
Online reporting: Sustainability Report online. Click. Click. Click.
Nike: CSR. Just do it. Pretty quickly.
Reporting: Insomnia. Read sustainability report. No insomnia.
Nestle: We love Facebook. Yeah. Right. Logoff.
Reporting: Sustainability report. 354 pages. New doorstop.
Green Activism: Protect the environment. Attack a corporation.
Pepsico: Refresh everything. Including our CSR strategy.
Human Rights: You are human. You have rights.
Gender Diversity. Advance women in business. Men gain.
Integrated reporting: One Report tells all. Who's listening?   
Sustainability rankings:  Rankings are supid.. Unless you're top.
Reporting. Online report. Printed it. Don't tell.
Banks and CSR : Financial inclusion. Overdraft. More banking profits.
Green IT:  Sleep mode. Save energy. Tweet less. 
Reporting: Online reporting. Save paper. New spectacles
CSR: CSR will save the planet. Eventually.
Sustainability: It's for the kids. Some day.
Al Gore: Inconvenient truth. Me hero. Convenient truth.
GRI: Reporting is key. Where's the keyhole?
Assurance: Assured CSR report. Assured it's boring.
Poverty: Digital divide. Donate PC's. No internet.
BOP: Poor people. Big market. Strike gold.
Elaine: Chunky Monkey. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Heaven.

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