Friday, March 25, 2011

Drumroll for the CRRA 11 winners

Once again, amidst great fanfare, the annual iconic CRRA Awards Winners were announced on the evening of 24th March at a special super-duper gala event in London hosted by, the global CR resources website which hosts the world’s most comprehensive directory of corporate non-financial reporting, profiling 31,000 reports across 161 countries. This year, the competition's fourth, the number of entries were capped to enable a reasonable and un-overwhelming selection of reports from 90 companies for the 35,000 registered site users to vote on. This approach has created  a change in the line-up this year, breaking the strongholds of Vodafone, Coca Cola and Novo Nordisk who have taken Best Report, Best Creativity and Best Integrated Report for the past three years running.
Reports from ten countries made the winning line-up this year - with the UK (8 winning reports) and the USA (7 winning reports) leading the national reporting efforts. Brazil took only two reports (Banco Bradesco and Natura Cosmeticos), rather a different picture from the GRI Readers Choice outcome.  But don't despair, the three hat-trick winners of previous years  found alternative categories for report recognition, with 2 of the trio taking first place awards (Vodafone -Best Carbon Disclosure, Novo Nordisk -Best Honesty) while Coca Cola took second place in two categories, Best Report and Best Creativity. This time around, 6981 valid votes were placed, showing the continuing popularity of this largest online annual reporting competition worldwide.

So, without further ado.... drumroll..... here are the winners. (NB. Links are the report profiles on the website, so you need to be registered to view tham).

Best report
Winner: Hewlett-Packard Company
1st Runner-up: Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc
2nd Runner-up: Bayer AG

Best first time report
Winner: Virgin Group Ltd
1st Runner-up: McGraw Hill Companies Inc
2nd Runner-up: Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co

Best SME report
Winner: Pacific Hydro Pty Limited
1st Runner-up: ArcelorMittal India Ltd
2nd Runner-up: Lipor

Best Integrated report
Winner: Natura Cosméticos SA
1st Runner-up: SolarWorld AG
2nd Runner-up: AXA SA

Best Carbon Disclosure
Winner: Vodafone Group plc
1st Runner-up: General Electric Company
2nd Runner-up: Banco Bradesco SA

Creativity in Communications
Winner: Virgin Group Ltd
1st Runner-up: The Coca-Cola Company
2nd Runner-up: Hewlett-Packard Company

Relevance & Materiality
Winner: SABMiller plc
1st Runner-up: L'Oréal SA
2nd Runner-up: Novo Nordisk A/S

Openness & Honesty
Winner: Novo Nordisk A/S
1st Runner-up: Co-operative Group Limited
2nd Runner-up: Microsoft Corporation

Credibility through Assurance
Winner: Co-operative Group Limited (assured by Two Tomorrows)
1st Runner-up: General Electric Company
2nd Runner-up: Royal Dutch Shell plc

Congrats to all the winners!!! and comiserations to all the non-winners.
But take heart ... only one year to go till the CRRA 12 !

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