Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gotta share ......

I am proud and honored to be included in the 2011 “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior in Europe and the Middle East”.
What a great surprise to see this tweet from Barbara Kimmel:

Barbara Kimmel is an award-winning communications executive and former consultant to McKinsey,  who runs her communications company Next Decade Inc. She is also one of the founders of Trust Across America™ (TAA). As the TAA website says, and who would disagree, "trust is an inherent element of optimism that buoys any economy." TAA aims to identify and showcase the most trustworthy individuals and organizations, learn from them through benchmarking and create opportunities to emulate best practices. In doing so, TAA hopes to contribute to that sense of optimism.
TAA has already identified America's most trustworthy companies  and the Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior for 2010. Now, TAA has published a new list:
The list was put together by the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), a leading global advisory and coaching organization providing sustainability solutions. The news release says: " These people collectively represent a group that can genuinely transform and reverse the cycle of mistrust in business." Read CSE's Sustainability Report for 2009 here.
I am of course delighted and flattered  to be named to this list and genuinely aspire to make a positive contribution to advancing sustainability practices of business which of course must be rooted in a bedrock of values and that includes trust.
I am even more delighted to be in the same list as some, whom I  know personally and recognize as genuine trust-advancers  (alpha order):
and others, who are some of the most prominent thinkers and doers in CSR and Sustainability and provide me with boundless inspiration and insight.
Thank you to Barbara, TAA and to CSE for this honor and congratulations to all those on the list. This is both humbling and energizing :)
I'd better stock up on ice cream so that I can keep helping to build trust.

elaine cohen, CSR consultant, Sustainability Reporter, HR Professional, Ice Cream Addict. Author of CSR for HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices   Contact me via  on Twitter or via my business website  (Beyond Business, an inspired CSR consulting and Sustainability Reporting firm)


Barbara Kimmel said...

Congratulations Elaine. I have followed your work for several years, and you are truly deserving of this honor.

Home made vanilla (with a sprinkling of chocolate chips) builds trust faster than any other flavor :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Elaine! This is great news and well deserved. You are certainly the voice for csr that caught my ear. I am happy to see you recognized for your excellent work.

Ofra Palmer Granot said...

כל הכבוד איליין!

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