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10 First-time Reports in CRRA '14

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's that time of the year again. (I say that every year when the CRRA online sustainability reporting awards open for voting). It's sooooooooooooooooooo exciting. We all get to VOTE for the BEST CR / CSR / SUSTAINABILITY report of the last year or so. That is so much fun. I love CRRA time, now in its seventh year, with 52 reports shortlisted in 9 categories. As usual, I'll be selecting some of the future winners (and non-winners) in a number of posts as we all place our votes until the deadline of 31st January 2014. As usual, if you vote you can win prizes :) But don't forget, you can't vote for your own company or your vote is invalidated.

(Note: All report links go to report profile pages on You have to be a registered user to view these pages.)

As usual, I am going to start with the first-timers, my absolute favorite category, and I promise, it's not only because one of my clients, GSK Latvia, is shortlisted. If you like the report, please vote  for GSK Latvia! 

There are ten first timer reports, amounting to 548 fascinating pages, from eight countries (including three from U.S. based companies). Six of the ten reports are GRI-based, one is assured and the rest are not. I decided to select three things I like about each of these ten reports.

I will admit to having trouble identifying three "likes" for each report. There are some reports which I didn't like at all, and had to wonder why on earth they were shortlisted. I always remind myself that each report is an achievement, especially a first report, and someone, somewhere has worked very hard to deliver it. That deserves positive acknowledgement. Some reports are clearly a reflection of the very early stage of a sustainability approach and this has to be considered when viewing first-time reports. However, some reports are more of a tick-the-box exercise or a PR publication. In this first-timer batch, there are some which are highly credible and I regretted limiting myself to only three "likes". In the interests of fairness, however, and without wishing to compromise the voting, I selected exactly three "likes" for each report, no more, no less. I avoided the "dislikes" - in some cases that would have been a much longer list!


GRI undeclared level. 107 pages. This is an annual report with a sustainability section starting on page 88.

LIKE ONE: The report title. This report is about transforming spaces into places. Great concept - a clever expression of this real estate company's higher purpose and contribution to a better life.
LIKE TWO: Ms Chong Siak Ching. The only female director of Ascendas out of 14 total directors.
LIKE THREE:  Fabulous photos.

Chocolats Halba, Switzerland, Food Sector 
Sustainability Report 2012. Added value through sustainability
GRI C level. 34 pages.

LIKE ONE: Contextual explanation of challenges facing the cocoa sector.
LIKE TWO: Three years of performance metrics, clearly laid out and easy to read.
LIKE THREE: Detailed sustainability strategy for 2013 - 2015 with clearly defined targets, which seem quite stretching.

Colas Limited. UK, Construction Sector Sustainability Report 2012 
30 pages. Not GRI. 

LIKE ONE:  Straightforward, no-frills structure with five main sections: Environment, Community, People, Safety, Customers. 
LIKE TWO:   "Aims and Aspirations" section. A mix of qualitative and quantitative targets.
LIKE THREE: Honesty: "We are disappointed that our CO2e emissions appear to be growing..."
LIKE ONE: Nice description of the way E & Y developed its materiality matrix. 
LIKE TWO: Clear reporting on gender composition of the business at different levels.  
LIKE THREE: Photos, names and email addresses of sustainability contacts for providing feedback. 

GSK LATVIA Corporate Responsibility Report 2012. Committed to our Community
35 pages. Not GRI

LIKE ONE: The first part.
LIKE TWO: The second part.
LIKE THREE: All the parts.
Ok, you can't expect me to be objective here. Sorry. Or not. But please take a look at GSK Latvia's report and if you like it, VOOOOOOTE :)

IHS Inc. USA. Information Services  Sustainability Report 2012
28 pages. Not GRI

LIKE ONE: Well-presented strategy in three parts: LIVE WELL – Strengthening People & Communities; LIVE WISE – Governing for Long-term Profitable Growth; LIVE GREEN – Caring for the Planet
LIKE TWO: Good spread of metrics throughout the report and provided as a summary in an appendix at the end of the report. 
LIKE THREE: Clear description of scope and boundaries of data collection methodologies listed in an appendix. 

JSR Micro Inc. USA, Chemicals. 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
46 pages. GRI C Level

LIKE ONE: Letter from the President. It's simple, credible, modest and gives a good overview of the key aspects of JSR Micro's CSR approach and performance. 
LIKE TWO: Presentation of multi-year goals and current performance status.
LIKE THREE: Clear and well-written environmental section with performance metrics and explanations of different environmental initiatives. 

Kuwait Petroleum International Corporate Sustainability Report 2012
40 pages. GRI C Level

LIKE ONE: The report was prepared completely in-house without the help of consultants, or external advisors. 
LIKE TWO: Honesty: "Being an international oil Company working in five continents it took our CSR team a lot of effort to cover multinational stakeholder’s needs." 
LIKE THREE: Nice section on reducing paper consumption. 

LG U Plus Republic of Korea. Telecoms. Corporation Sustainability Report 2012
80 pages. GRI A+ Level

LIKE ONE: Impressive treatment of materiality, and top ten material issues listed with references to related narrative in the report itself. 
LIKE TWO: Great graphics, supporting the narrative well, demonstrating a systematic and process-oriented approach to almost everything that LG U+ does. 
LIKE THREE: Very interesting section on employees, with loads of detail, including a non-smoking incentive program with cash rewards, where employees take a nicotine test in order to qualify. 

Maynilad Water Services Inc  Philippines. Water. Sustainability Report 2011. Securing our Resources
92 pages. GRI B Level

LIKE ONE: Clear sustainability management framework.
LIKE TWO:  Nice section on engaging employees in energy conservation.
LIKE THREE: Interesting list of problems created by drought.

And now:
Did you read these reports? 
Here is a test:

ONE: Which company has offered staff a free weekly relaxation workshop since 2012 in addition to cut-price massages?
TWO: Which company has helped petroleum geoscience students as part of its community activity?
THREE: Which company supports the entrepreneurial dreams and economic future of the next generation?
FOUR: Which company had 14% of new hires in 2012 under the age of 25?
FIVE: Which company is a family- friendly company?
SIX: Which company has a small team which is big in terms of expertise, dedication and engagement?
SEVEN: Which company "believes the best is yet to come"?
EIGHT: Which company operates a Maeari and Jeong-Do Management Cyber Accusation Website?
NINE: Which company "capitalizes on all available communication channels to engage our employees actively"?
TEN: Which company has a managed in-door plant contract that has seen plants being placed on every floor and in each office for a healthier & greener environment?




Here are the answers: 
ONE: Chocolats Halba
THREE: Ernst and Young
FOUR: Colas Construction
FIVE: GSK Latvia
SIX: JSR Micro
SEVEN: Maynilad Water Services
NINE: Ascendas Pte
TEN: Kuwait Petroleum International

elaine cohen, CSR consultant, winning (CRRA'12) Sustainability Reporter, HR Professional, Ice Cream Addict. Author of Understanding G4: the Concise guide to Next Generation Sustainability Reporting  AND  Sustainability Reporting for SMEs: Competitive Advantage Through Transparency AND CSR for HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices . Contact me at   or via my business website   (Beyond Business Ltd, an inspired CSR consulting and Sustainability Reporting firm)

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