Sunday, May 10, 2009

the climate at Harvard - and ice-cream

Harvard students are showing their commitment to climate change and emissions reduction in this report of the Harvard Climate Collaborative. Whilst this is not strictly a Sustainability Report, which this blog is all about, it is a report, right ? And i believe it is quite a UNIQUE report which shows the engagement of students in sustainability issues and their leadership in taking action. As these young bright Harvardlings move into leadership roles in society, their positive impacts will undoubtedly contine to be felt. Well done gals and guys!

CSR in academia is now becoming mainstream. This is the crux of CSR in business over the long term. The degree to which the student agenda generates awareness and engagement with CSR as a way of doing business will define the shape and impact of business in the future. I spend a LOT of time lecturing to students and young business people - more often than not, my lecture is the first time they get a comprehensive overview of CSR and its P-P-P relevance (as well as the importance of ice-cream as a life-sustaining mind-enhancing essential food :) ). My hope is that they takeCSR on board as their personal agenda in roles they perform in their future career.

I believe CSR should be mandatory as part of all MBA's and Business degree programs.

In the meantime, well, at least we have ice cream ....

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