Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's in a note ? Note this with aviva plc

I was just getting settled into a fascinating read of the Aviva plc 2009 CR report (yes, i always start out thinking reports are going to facinate me) and preparation for a review to be published on Aviva plc is , they claim, the first insurance company to be carbon neutral across their worldwide operations. But i just couldn't resist pausing to note an innovative feature of their on-line report which i have never seen ever ever ever before. Sorry if i get a little overenthusiastic, but you know, this is my thing. Anyway, take a look at this . Yes, it's a notes page. It enables you to make a note on any section of the report you have viewed , and the note is retained for the next time you go to the site and wonder what notes you made. Now, this is a very useful thing for people like me who review reports, for analysts who want to retain info pertinent to performance and growth drivers, and for anyone who just wants to remember anything without having to rely on the hard disk. This is a very innovative approach to on-line reporting.
I think i will start a campaign with world-wide regulators for mandatory inclusion of this feature in every web-based CR report.

OK, off to make lots of notes ......

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