Wednesday, April 21, 2010

888 People Planet Play

888 Holdings plc is a leading global responsible online gaming Company, who produced their first CSR report entitled People Planet Play in 2009. This report took third place in the CRRA '10 Reporting Awards hosted by, in the category Best First Time report. Alongside other imperssive first timers such as the Walt Disney Company,(whose report won first place) and Brasil Foods (who won second place) , and Corporate Express Australia,  and Jumeirah Group of Dubai, and more, the 888 report was voted into third place by the CorporateRegister mutli-sector stakeholder public. 
Disclosure: 888 holdings is my client and I worked on the development and writing of this report :)

Founded in 1997, 888 Holdings plc is a great Company, with revenues of over $260 million, and employing over 1,000 people at its operational bases in Gibraltar, Israel and Antigua. They operate in line with all the relevant codes of practice governing online gaming and are a founding member of eCOGRA, the independent standards authority governing online gaming standards, regularly winning awards for their advanced responsible practices.  The Company participates in the United Nations Global Compact and their first report served also as their first Communication on Progress. As an online gambling business, responsible gaming is at the core of their considerations and after many hours with the Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Gaming Director, Ruth Tanami,  and other people within the Company, including the Human Resources team who do a great job of creating a culture in which values are always top-of-mind, I can testify to the fact that responsible gaming, and other aspects of leading a responsible business are at the heart of  business decisions and in the consciousness of the Management. The Company  has a dedicated responsible gaming website,  which includes a self-assement for people with difficulties in managing the way they play, and advice and tools for all those who want to know how to enjoy the game without getting into hot water. The first CSR Report for 888 is a 90 page, GRI A Level, GRI checked report and  includes a Materiality Analysis which, not surprisingly, includes responsible gaming and prevention of youth gambling as core to the sucess of their business and high in the minds of stakeholders. One of the most successful community initiatives of is the Annual Charity Day in which the online gaming community is encouraged to select a charity to which the site donates. This raised awareness and cash (the Day raised $100,000 in 2008), and has been continued in subsequent years.

Congratulations to 888 for a great approach to reponsible business in an industry which contains inherent risks, and for the determination and professionalism in delivering a first CSR Report. It is always a pleasure to see clients gain recognition for good work! 

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