Monday, April 26, 2010

CRRA Summary

And to round it all up, the CRRA '10 Awards Brochure on Global Reporting Trends and details sof the 2010 Awards Winners and almost winners is now available for download.
You can read about how the winners won, and the overall state of global sustainability reporting from one of the most authoritative sources there is.

Couple of highlights ? OK, you persuaded me.
  • Global sustainability reporting output has risen every single year since the start of the graph in 1992 - reacing around 3,500 reports in 2009
  • Europe leads reporting, and the gap between Europe's lead and other countries is widening with close to 2,000 reports coming out of Europe
  • About one-fifth of all reports in any given year are first reports.
  • CSR reports and Sustainability reports are by far the most dominant - about 70% - with a small percentage of reports covering single subjects. (According to, a sustainability report is a CSR report which includes economic information).
  • About 5% of reports are "integrated" reports - less than 200 in 2009, and only a slight increase versus 2008.
  • Close to 40% of reports use the GRI framework, mainly European reports
Of all the votes received, some were invalid, leaving 6,981 valid votes. Of these votes, Eurpoeans were the main voters, followed by Americans and Asians. Corporate CSR professionals were the main voters, followed by people in service organisations, whoever they are, with CSR consultants and students making up the next biggest groups of voters. Academics, investors, journalists, NGO's and regulators made up the remaining 17% or so of the votes.

The report on How the winners won is interesting and gives, as in previous years, the top ten reports in each category and an analysis of scores, characteristics of the winning reports, and which voter groups voted. Couple of highlights ? Nope. I've done enough. Go look for yourself!

PS: Can't wait for CRRA '11 :)

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