Saturday, May 17, 2014

18 winning CSR Reports

Congrats to the big three winners of CRRA '14. Coca Cola, The Cooperative Group and Novo Nordisk. They've all done it again! 

These three giants have picked up FIVE of the nine first place winning category votes, including the Best Report going to Coca Cola. In total they picked up ELEVEN of the available 27 top spots - winner and two runners-up in each of the nine award categories. That's 17% of the winning reports gaining 40% of the top spot votes. Pareto didn't quite get it totally right this time, but it's close :)

Coca Cola is no stranger to winning votes in the annual CRRA line-up. Over the years, the company has picked up SEVEN first place awards, and a total of FOURTEEN top three spots. 

The Cooperative Group has done pretty well too, with NINE top three spots, of which FIVE are first place awards, since 2008. 

Novo Nordisk has not been outdone either, gaining TWO winning places and a runner-up place in CRRA '14, with a total of EIGHT first place awards, and TWO more runner up awards since the beginning of time. Or the beginning of CRRA.    

All three companies have had first place winning reports every single year since the start of the CRRA competition, except for Cooperative Group who did not enter in CRRA '07, but won a first place in every other year.  No other company since the start of CRRA has achieved this feat. 

In total in CRRA '14, 18 reports won the top 27 spots, out of the total 88 organizations that entered CRRA '14, with around 53 reports shortlisted. Interestingly ALL the winning reports in the top three places in all categories are GRI based reports. I think this is the first time this has happened in the history of CRRA. NINE of the 18 winning reports came from the U.S. and there was one winning report from nine other countries. Of the SEVEN winning reports in first place in nine categories, FIVE came from the U.S. and one from the UK and one from Brazil. The longest winning report in first place was 198 pages (Smithfields Foods) and the shortest was 56 (Ernst and Young Americas). 

Here are the winners:

Best Report
Winner:   Coca Cola Enterprises CR & Sustainability Report 2012 / 2013 
1st Runner-up: BMW Sustainable Value Report 2012    
Best First Time Report
Winner:   Ernst & Young Americas Patterns of Progress 2012  

Best Integrated Report  
Novo Nordisk A/S annual report 2012 

Best Carbon Disclosure   
HP 2012 Global Citizenship Report  
Creativity in Communications
Winner:  Coca Cola Enterprises CR & Sustainability Report 2012 / 2013 
1st Runner-up: Novo Nordisk A/S annual report 2012  
2nd Runner-up: H &M Sustainability Report 2012  

Innovation in Reporting
Winner:  Bloomberg LP 2012 Sustainability Report
1st Runner-up: Coca Cola Enterprises CR & Sustainability Report 2012 / 2013
2nd Runner-up:  Merck & Co Inc Corporate Responsibility Highlights 2012  

Relevance & Materiality
Winner:  Co-operative Group Limited Sustainability Report 2012  
1st Runner-up:   Miller Coors 2013 Sustainability Report  

Openness & Honesty
Winner:   Smithfield Foods Inc 2012 Integrated Report  
1st Runner-up:  Microsoft Corporation Citizenship Report 2013 

Credibility through Assurance  
Novo Nordisk A/S annual report 2012
1st Runner-up:  Co-operative Group Limited Sustainability Report 2012 
2nd Runner-up:  Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) 2012 Annual Report

Well done to all the winning reports and to the repeat repeat repeat repeat winners. 

elaine cohen, CSR consultant, winning (CRRA'12) Sustainability Reporter, HR Professional, Ice Cream Addict. Author of Understanding G4: the Concise guide to Next Generation Sustainability Reporting  AND  Sustainability Reporting for SMEs: Competitive Advantage Through Transparency AND CSR for HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices . Contact me at   or via my business website   (Beyond Business Ltd, an inspired CSR consulting and Sustainability Reporting firm)

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